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Sheng August 9, 2000 07:56

Two-fluid turbulence?
Using two-phase simulation on two mixed fluid, one assumption is often used: the two fluid share the same turbulence, hence, only one selected turbulence model will be used.

However in the solution, it can be found that the two fluid are with different velocities (this will be used to calculate drag force, lift froce....). Then, why two different velocity liquid will share same turbulence? Are there any research efforts on that topic?

Thanks in advance! Sheng

bellakhal ghazi August 10, 2000 11:30

Re: Two-fluid turbulence?
CHAHED J., MASBERNAT L., BELLAKHAL G.(1999) "K-Epsilon turbulence model for bubly flows" 2nd symposium on two phase modelling and experimentation, Pisa, Italy May 23-25, 1999.

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