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Abdul Hafid October 10, 1998 11:17

turbulent flow using PHOENICS
Hi every body

I want to simulate a turbulent flow around axisymmetric body. Any one knows how to simulate the turbulent flow using PHOENICS

Rasputin October 14, 1998 09:11

Re: turbulent flow using PHOENICS
errrr, RTFM?

Dawei Sun October 14, 1998 10:39

Re: turbulent flow using PHOENICS
I have used PHOENICS to simulate turbulent flow. BUt I really don't know what kind of thing you want to do. Develop your own model? Do you need to generate the grid?

Abdul Hafid October 15, 1998 05:44

Re: turbulent flow using PHOENICS
Hi Dawei Sun

Thank you for your response. I want to use PHOENICS shareware ver 1.5 I've downloaded from the internet. I don't know how to use Q1 file to write the turbulant part. any examples or library cases that can help?.

Abdul Aziz Jaafar October 16, 1998 09:24

Re: turbulent flow using PHOENICS
Dear Abdul Hafid

Perhaps the best example to model the axisymmetric flow by chossing the library case on pipe flow. You can also look at any library case with turbulent flow. I think the good start to select turbulent flow with mixing length turbulence model. and you can compare the result with laminar flow

A. Aziz Jaafar

Vijay Thaker November 3, 1998 12:25

Re: turbulent flow using PHOENICS
If your using ver 1.5 share ware u might able to use the beginners manu to create your model step by step. Just access your sattelite ang type :

load(menu) then press enter the menu will guide u step by step.


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