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Abuzar Adid August 11, 2000 01:55

Parachute drag data
I am simulating a problem of parachute in 3D. If anyone have the data relating the drag of parachute or the refernce material related to drag estimation of parachute using cfd or some experimental data.


frederic felten August 11, 2000 11:09

Re: Parachute drag data

Check the publication:

"Turbulent effects on parachute drag " Humi, Mayer Journal of Aircraft, v32 n3,May-Jun 1995.

Abstract: The value of the drag coefficient is regarded to be one of the key indicators to measure the overall performance of fully deployed parachutes. In this study, the time-independent NSE was simulated to obtain time-averaged values for the drag. The results obtained were found to be in good agreement with the experimental value when the compliant nature of the body used in the experiment is considered. However, based on physical arguments and results obtained with the use of the vortex method, it is assumed that dynamical time-dependent effects can make crucial contributions to the understanding of parachute performance and design.

Adrin Gharakhani August 11, 2000 14:32

Re: Parachute drag data
You may want to check

1- C.W. Peterson, J.H. Strickland & H. Higuchi, "The Fluid Dynamics of Parachute Inflation," Annual Review of Fluid Mech., Vol. 28, pp 361-387, 1996

2- Design & Testing of High-Performance Parachutes, AGARD-AG-319, 1991.

Adrin Gharakhani

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