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N.SUBRAMANIAN August 17, 2000 08:48

FD NS implicit solver
i am a research scholar in iit madras.i am in need of a finite difference navier-stokes implicit solver.either you provide me the solver or give me the guidelines for developing it.also guide me how to generalise the boundary conditions.

John C. Chien August 17, 2000 20:05

Re: FD NS implicit solver,answers?
(1). Let us know the answer, if you have found one.

Istadi August 17, 2000 21:30

Re: FD NS implicit solver
I just succesfully developed the solver of Navier-Stokes momentum equation by finite-difference method. I applied the implicit scheme by utilization of SIMPLE algorithm that had developed by Patankar [Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow by Patankar, S.V., 1980, Hemisphere Pub.]. I applied the staggered grid to solve this problem to avoid zigzag pressure on it.

Beside this method, you can use the finite volume method that clearly developed by Patankar (1980). It's similarly. Please, to contact me if you have a problem about it.


Mehdi BEN ELHADJ August 18, 2000 06:39

Re: FD NS implicit solver ?
What a bout results given by your solver of Navier-Stokes momentum equation by finite-difference method ?

Istadi August 18, 2000 20:58

Re: FD NS implicit solver ?
I developed a source code to get a simulation about the streamline of 2D-velocity in cylindrical column of empty or filled by packed bed. This code utilize the algorithm of SIMPLE that developed by Patankar (1980). So, we can give the contour of pressure distribution in the domain. I had applied this system on a deep bed dryer simulation. Thanks

ram August 20, 2000 03:06

Re: FD NS implicit solver ?
how did you take care of the velocity profiles inside the bed..i presumen its a porous bed..?

Istadi August 20, 2000 22:24

Re: FD NS implicit solver ?
Hi, We applied conservation of momentum in the porous media by a volume averaging approach. This method has been succesfully developed by Liu et al (1999)[Liu et al., "Non-linear Flows In Porous Media", J. Non Newtonian Fluid Mech., 86, pp.229-252). For the friction of body force, we applied Ergun correlation for pressure drop in the packed bed. So, we can solve it by FDM or FVM. Thanks

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