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L. Li August 22, 2000 07:12

CFD study in combustion
Dear all:

I have several question as following:

1.Where can I find the references about the situation of development of CFD study in combustion?

2. Which university or institute is stand in frontier about this field in UK and USA? I know there is not same cretiera to evaluate. But I think you can judge it based on state-of-arts instruments and published papers.

3. At present what problem is exsited in this field?

Cheers, Li

John C. Chien August 22, 2000 09:53

Re: CFD study in combustion
(1). Go to the library, find a couple of combustion related journals, read through the papers , identify the author's school, visit the website of the school, or the catelog of graduate study. (2). If you follow the instruction-1, you should be able to get the answers to question-1,-2,and -3.

Mehdi BEN ELHADJ August 22, 2000 10:52

Re: CFD study in combustion
To begin, you can take a look at There is very good and new (modern) exemples of combustion in this site (PHOENICS code).

You can make search of some articles in journals sites in the internet like International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer or International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow.

If you find a Cummer in the text you must breath and if you find a point you must smile.

good luck.

Kalyan August 22, 2000 11:23

Re: CFD study in combustion
Many universities are conducting CFD and combustion research. Each group focusses on a specific set of problems. The focus could either be academic or industry oriented. Here are a few groups that are famous.

CTR, CITS (Stanford university) : Turbulence modeling group getting into combustion modeling. Academic oriented research and primary focus is still on turbulence rather than combustion.

ERC (Univ. of Wisconsin) : Both academic and industrial research on mostly IC engines related topics. CFD team works closely with experimentalists who are also a part of ERC. Close ties with the motor companies.

Besides these, you can also search for papers by the following well known combustion researchers.

Poinsot Haworth Pope Candel Gosman Peters Kerstein

There are many others. But you can get a fairly good idea of where combustion research stands at the present day from the work by these people.

Ahmed Hassaneen August 22, 2000 12:18

Re: CFD study in combustion
There is also the well known "Combustion and Flame" journal.

Max Nutini August 23, 2000 04:49

Re: CFD study in combustion
Dear Li,

I think you could also get a look to the proceedings of the International Symposium of Combustion. Last month the 28th edition took part in Edinburgh, I think you could easily get the proceedings of the 27th edition to have a wide panorama of the state of the art of the research. I would also suggest you to visit the sites of ERCOFTAC or IFRF. Bye


L. Li August 23, 2000 05:35

Re: CFD study in combustion
Hello, all:

Thank you for your advice.

Yes, I have my idea for my question. The purpose I post it in here is that I want to listen to your suggestion. And I can get the new idea from them. To you all advice, I think I will try it.

Welcome more respones about my question. How about in UK because I am studying in here?



Rich E August 23, 2000 07:10

Re: CFD study in combustion
You can try the CFD lab at the University of Cambridge (mostly work on confined explosion hazards) at

I.I. August 29, 2000 08:33

Re: CFD study in combustion
Try AEA Technology plc. They are the developers of CFX code and they have a research group on combustion. It is located in Harwell (Oxfordshire). Best I.I.

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