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Suingan Hu August 22, 2000 14:21

flexPDE anyone?
Hello everyone

I'm just wondering if anyone here have ever used flexPDE software. My Prof. has this software and I wants to use this software to write a turbulent model of high temp(~10000K) plasma gas in cylinder reactor. But in software sample and documents don't show any turbulent model,only larminar flow was mention.

The question is flexPDE powerful enough for those condition or not. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

John C. Chien August 22, 2000 23:48

Re: flexPDE anyone?
(1). It is a good idea to discuss the research issue with your professor, especially, if you are planning to use the code he has (whether he is using it or not is something else.) (2). The information about the code is available on Internet, so, just type in"flexPDE" into a search site to find more information. (3). I think, if you can find a sample in the user's guide which satisfy your need, then you can try it out. It all depends on your problem and the code capability.

Mehdi BEN ELHADJ August 23, 2000 07:12

Re: flexPDE anyone?
You can find here all cfd codes by categories

U.K.: by Dave Boulton

U.S.: by Douglas Arnold

Asia: by Jun Kuwamura

Austria: by Tony Sprinzl

Jonas Larsson August 23, 2000 09:41

Re: flexPDE anyone?
This "CFD codes list" is ancient and hasn't been updated since Tomek stopped maintaining it a couple of years ago. A much more current list is the one compiled by Bert Laney at

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