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T Cymmer August 24, 2000 08:04

Cavitation In Valves
All concerned, I am interested in CFD models which can predict cavitaion in a control valve where pressure drops are up tp 10,000 psi and flow in excess of 9000 gpm. (yes, 9000 gpm) and liquid temps less then 170F. Having scanned the last year of message traffic on this discussion board I know there are CFD models which can predict cavitation. Well I can predict cavitation without a model! but what I need is to pinpoint where in a valve or downstream labyrinth the cavitation is going to occur, quantify the extent of cavitation so that its effect on throttling performance can be predicted, predict damage to material for scheduling maintenance, optimize valve geometry design and analytically 'test' new designs, etc.

Am I expecting too much from CFD, or can my questions be answered by a good model?

I am not a user of CFD so I don't necessarily understand your "language" so please reply in regular fashion. Thanks for reading, hope to hear from someone soon. TC

Bob Smith August 25, 2000 04:46

Re: Cavitation In Valves
Look at CFDRC's web site at They have developed a special cavitation model used in pumps and other equipment

GauravB August 24, 2009 04:46

Cavitation In Valves
T Cymmer ,

i am also facing same problem. can anyone put some more light on this issue.

also which code is best to solve such a problem.


Gaurav B

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