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sameer mohrir August 24, 2000 10:18

CFD for pumps
Hello everybody on forum

Can someone clarify why CFD analysis is required at intake side (suction side ) while designing large pumps,since small types of pump generally not required CFD analysis for design at suction side.

Ahmed Hassaneen August 24, 2000 11:14

Re: CFD for pumps
What type of pump are we talking about?

John C. Chien August 24, 2000 12:57

Re: CFD for pumps
(1). I guess the smaller pumps cost less, so you don't want to spend a lot of time there. (2). A larger one will cost much more in casting and machining, so, there are room to do analysis and design to make sure that everything is all right. (3). A larger one sometimes is custom made. So, it is likely to do analysis. (4). CFD analysis of pumps is still relatively new, and it is rarely done in most cases.(it is still very difficult, although not impossible.)

sameer mohrir August 24, 2000 23:14

Re: CFD for pumps
Hello John

Thanks for clarification


sameer mohrir August 24, 2000 23:17

Re: CFD for pumps
Hello Ahmed

Type of pump is centrifugal

Sameer Mohrir

Zebedee Mason September 20, 2000 12:53

Re: CFD for pumps
I have worked on the design of internal-external gear pumps for automotive applications (Gerotors, crescents, etc). Occasionally you see someone doing a very nice and computationally expensive moving mesh simulation to check out the inlet port design.

The reason being that above a certain speed the inlet pressure will drop sufficiently to allow cavitation. This results in very noisy and inefficient operation.

Hope this helps.


sameer mohrir September 20, 2000 13:41

Re: CFD for pumps
Hello Zeb

Pls . can you clarify in detail.



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