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Craig Shores August 24, 2000 17:34

Product Reccomendations?
I notice that there is not a lot of discussion of one commercial code versus another... My company needs a commercial code to solve incompressible,

steady air flow problems with heat transfer. A high priority is cost of the software, it would not be used extensively and our budget is tight. Would like to be

able to construct new tube bundle type geometries easily. Any reccomendations? Anyone have experience with CFD 2000 from Adaptive Research?


John C. Chien August 24, 2000 19:54

Re: Product Reccomendations?
(1). I don't konw why your company need a commercial code to solve fluid and heat transfer problem. (2). You can find an engineer who is trained in cfd to work on the problem, and if he needs to write, he can just write the code. The commercial code has a lot of overhead which you don't need. That is why it is expensive. (2). Assuming that your company has a license to use a commercial code, you still need to make it running on the company's system, learn the cfd, go through the tutorials, and try to model the problem, before any solution can be obtained, (if the solution is possible.) (3). So, even if your comapany has all of the commercial codes listed in this forum, there is still a long way to know whether the solution is there or not. (it is possible, but you will have to show me the actual numbers to convince me that you actually have the solution. ) (4). I would strongly suggest that you work with a consulting firm or the code vendor to explore the possibility of getting "a" solution which is acceptable to your company in the first place. (5). Once you are convinced that the code actually can give you satisfactory solutions, then it should be fairly simple to bring the code online in your company. (5). The issue here is : the problem your company is trying to solve, and the kind of satisfactory solution your company is willing to accept. (6). By the way, to put everything on a CD is going to cost less than one US dollar. It is the ability behind to solve your company's problem which is expensive, not the CD itself.

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