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Gangopadhyay August 25, 2000 01:02

jets- confined /submerged
Dear Friends:

Can you pl. clarify whar are confined and submerged jets.

how otherwise an impinging jet can be classified?

John C. Chien August 25, 2000 01:23

Re: jets- confined /submerged
(1). If the jet is fully submerged under the water, it is called submerged jet. In this case, it is not a surface jet, and there is no free surface effect. (2). The jet is confined, if there are walls nearby. This will limit the motion of the fluid. The jet without any walls nearby to limit its motion is called "free jet". Normally, a jet is a free jet. A confined jet can create complex flow recirculation. (3). If there is a wall in front of the jet, it is called impinging jet, because the jet will hit the wall. This is normally done on purpose, for example to heat, or cool the wall.

Ahmed Hassaneen August 25, 2000 03:20

Re: jets- confined /submerged
In addition to what John said, there is also the Axial impinging jet and radial impinging jet. Each of them has different fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics.

Bivan August 25, 2000 03:46

Re: jets- confined /submerged

If a high temperature impinging jet(temperature/velocity /pressure are all kdown) sprays into air ,what's its source term in laminar numerical model ?

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