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ahmed mobarki August 25, 2000 12:25

sparse matrix solvers
i'll like to know if there is a programm or a book in odrere solves a penta digonal matrix whit elemination alla the non zzero element in order to reduce the exucution time and to use lesse memory

whaiting for a replay thanks for all

Reza Besharati August 25, 2000 16:21

Re: sparse matrix solvers
Hi For program I think you should visit and for book I belive that the most suitable point to start your study will be the book "Numerical Recies In C" (Fortran and Pascal editions are available). I suggest you to think about the condition number of your matrix prior to selection of any algorithm. because in many cases you will see that the benefits of a specific algorithm dose not suffice for their sellction as an algorithm. Try also siam online journal for your furhter searches.

Hope you can find something useful.

If you have any furthur question please contact me.

Good Luck!


Salvador Navarro-Martinez August 29, 2000 09:36

Re: sparse matrix solvers
In the Numerical Recipes (C and Fortran) there are methods to solve Tridiagonal and Band diagonal Systems of Equations.

In a general sparse case with a non particular pattern the best way is to use iterative methods, like the biconjugate gradient method, or similar. These methods have the advantage to be easily paralleled.

Istadi August 30, 2000 22:06

Re: sparse matrix solvers
To solve the sparse matrix, we can easily use Matlab programming. Matlab has been based on matrix programming. So, to solve the problem based on matrix, it is easy to use matlab programming, especially for algebraic equation that formed sparse matrix.

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