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Yanhu Guo August 25, 2000 17:43

any information about nano-technology?
Hello everybody, I want to learn about nano-technology. Can somebody give me any information/advise? BTW do you think there is any chance for CFD to relate to nano- technology?


Yanhu Guo

John C. Chien August 25, 2000 22:33

Re: any information about nano-technology?
(1). There are already enough difficult problems to solve in the scale visible to human eyes. (2). So, it is going to be very difficult to deal with problems invisible to human eyes.

Alton J. Reich August 28, 2000 10:02

Re: any information about nano-technology?

I hate to contridict John Chien, but we are using CFD to simulate devices that operate on very small scales. Simulation is most useful when testing is difficult or expensive, and as devices become smaller, they become more difficult to test.

I have done several fluid structure intereaction simulation of ink jet printer mechanisms with typical dimensions measured in microns. There are collegues of mine who are working with smaller devices than that. If you'd like more information, please let me know and I'll dig up some papers for you.

BTW: An old friend of mine graduated from IUPUI.

Regards, Alton

John C. Chien August 28, 2000 21:31

Re: any information about nano-technology?
(1). Well, the subject is nano-technology, while you are saying that it is very small scale. (it is very traditional Chinese approach- they are roughly the same. But it is not.) (2). I have seen cfd simulation of the inkjet droplet published in technical journal a while back by researcher in Taiwan, so it must have been done a while before that. It is not nano-technology. (3). I think, it is important to define the nano-technology first. (It is about 3~4 atoms wide, as defined by one website in nano-technology. They are dealing with atoms, not human hairs)

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