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S.Selvarajan August 28, 2000 07:41

Orr-Sommerfield solver

Does anyone know of a Orr-Sommerfield solver using symbolic manipulation?


Chidu August 29, 2000 11:44

Re: Orr-Sommerfield solver

You mean that you are looking for a closed-form analytical solution? I doubt if it exists, but would be interested in it too. Right now, I have discretized the equation with higher-order finite differences to solve the problem (discrete eigenvalue problem).

regs, chidu...

selvarajan August 29, 2000 23:26

Re: Orr-Sommerfield solver

Pseudo-spectral collocation method gives best results for the discrete eigenvalue problems. You may find relative advantages of following this approach from Orzag's JFM paper (1972).

Regards, Selvarajan

Chidu August 30, 2000 06:09

Re: Orr-Sommerfield solver
Hi Selvarajan,

Yeah, I knew that, but since FD needed no preparation I just coded it up. It seems to work quite well! I think only if you want eigenvalues upto 10 decimal accuracy, or very high Reynolds numbers will FD be a problem.

regards, chidu...

Selvarajan August 31, 2000 10:54

Re: Orr-Sommerfield solver

Does anyone know the best approach to solution for linear secondary instability problems?


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