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Oliver August 28, 2000 15:53

Shedding Frequency
Hi All

Suppose a sensor is mounted on cylinder, which is shedding vortices at some specific rate. Vortices are shed say from the upper and lower surface of the cylinder. Now suppose a line is drawn downstream in the wake. Is the rate of vortices that pass through this line the shedding frequency. Or is the oscillation (i.e. the growth of the vortex on one side only) seen by the sensor the sheeding frequency.

Is it pressure waves travelling upstream from the shed vortices that the sensor sees???


Is it the growth of the vortex on one side of the cylinder???



John C. Chien August 28, 2000 17:28

Re: Shedding Frequency
(1). In the case of the Von Karman vortex street, at any time, you have the spacing between two neighboring vortices. (2). And if you fix the probe at on location and plot the signal, you should be able to see the oscillating profile, which can be used to define the amplitude, and the frequency.

Oliver September 5, 2000 07:40

Re: Shedding Frequency
Thanks again John for the valuable advice.

regards oliver

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