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jeyamani August 31, 2000 02:24

moltan metal flow

any one could help me to calculate viscosity of molten metal ,i want to simulate moltan metal flow inside the mold using ANSYS-Flotran.

any information regarding above is avilable in web or journels.

thanx in advance


John C. Chien August 31, 2000 22:39

Re: moltan metal flow
(1). If we assume that molten metal is liquid, like water, then, the effect of the viscosity can be characterized by the Reynolds number. (2). So, without knowing anything specific, one can still simulate the flow based on the Reynolds number. And later on one can relate the solution to the specific viscosity, temperature, size etc. (3). Why not select some Reynolds numbers and go ahead to do simulations. In this way, you will be able to cover all the temperature range (viscosity range), and the size. (4). By the time you start worrying about the heat transfer, cooling effect, etc..., you already have some ideas about the whole thing. (5). So, simulation is to do analysis in terms of the dimensionless parameters, such as Reynolds number and Mach number.

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