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Abdul Siahaan August 31, 2000 15:00

flow in porous media
Hi, Are there any possibility to get some source codes to simulate single flow in porous media? Thanks!

istadi September 1, 2000 22:34

Re: flow in porous media
the source code computer of the flow in a porous media can be easily self developed. To get the literature about momentum balance and pressure drop of this problem, you can read in the books and papers. In this case, it is a paper about this problem: [Liu, S., and J.H. Masliyah, (1999),"Non-linear Flows in Porous Media", J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 86, pp. 229-252] So, we make a source code by F90 or other software and we get a profile of U, V, W momentum applied in a porous media.

For the application of the flow in a porous media , we can add the pressure drop force in Navier stokes- eqt. such Ergun, Darcy, Forcheimer, etc. depend on the system studied.

Abdul September 3, 2000 09:38

Re: flow in porous media
Thanks for the reply and information. If you don't mind I would like to ask which method (finite difference, finite volume, ...) did you use?

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