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Sebastien DELLA CROCE September 1, 2000 10:37

Atmospheric Turbulence:what about the time scales?
Dear all,

I am looking for some precision on the lenght scales and the time scales of the atmospheric turbulence.

Knowing the fact that these scales are very different from these related to a fully turbulent internal flow, is the Reynolds averaging of the Navier stokes equations always available in the case of the atmospheric turbulence ? About the atmospheric turbulence frequency scales, could they reach small values (like 1 Hertz ?).

Any reference to a scientific paper is welcome !

Thank you for responding my questions...

Zhengtong Xie September 1, 2000 12:03

Re: Atmospheric Turbulence:what about the time sca

Please read the book: An introduction to boundary layer meteorology, Rland B.Stull, 1988 by Kluwer Academic Publishers. A very nice book.

Good luck

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