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ACRi CFD Software Announcement September 5, 2000 15:55

CFD Software Priced for Students
We would like to share a news that we think especially the student and academic members of this discussion forum may like to hear:

ACRi has announced the release of ANSWER Express(tm) v1.1, the Student Priced Student Version of the high-end general purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics Software, ANSWER(tm).

Graduate and Undergraduate students, CFD teachers as well as practicing professionals will be able to benefit from the exceptional affordability and user-friendliness of ANSWER Express(tm).

Like ANSWER(tm), ANSWER Express(tm) provides both a powerful GUI and an English-language FREEFORM command interface, as well as a built-in 3D Visualizer.

Please visit ANSWER Express home page for more information:

ANSWER Express is available at our online store at:

For a limited time, ANSWER Express is specially priced to be even more affordable for students, to celebrate the opening of the new academic year. Special deals are available for bulk purchases by academia members.

ANSWER Express -- "CFD Made Easy" just got more AFFORDABLE.

About ANSWER(tm): The full version ANSWER(tm) is a full-featured 2D/3D, Structured/Unstructured, Laminar/Turbulent, Steady/Transient CFD solver with arbitrary number of companion transport equations for heat and mass transfer. For the last 30 years, ANSWER(tm) has been used for CFD design and development by or for Fortune 500 companies and major Research Organizations such as GE Aircraft Engines, Allied-Signal, SNECMA, Samsung, British Aerospace, NASA, USAF, and others. Please visit out web-site for a list of features and capabilities of this powerful software tool.

ACRi Marketing Team

Analytic & Computational Research, Inc. --ACRi Los Angeles, CA

Alain Grangeret September 6, 2000 17:12

Re: CFD Software Priced for Students
In my opinion, the best deal is to use the PHOENICS-CHAM Sharewares (have a look on their web site) as they are free of charge and are of very good quality.

The codes are also validated!!! and yours???

Why pay for something when you can get it for free???

Anyway, are you supposed to be advertising. I thought this was a discussion group not an billboard for adverts.

A.Hassaneen September 7, 2000 02:01

Re: CFD Software Priced for Students
I don't think that PHOENICS is completely free, do you??

Alain Grangeret September 7, 2000 06:01

Re: CFD Software Priced for Students
Well, if you need specific applications or extented support, CHAM may charge you for the service. Fair enough but remember that you should check out PHOENICS Shareware - this is the most powerful CFD code available as shareware that I know. I never heard about ACRi but it would be difficult for me to try it as I would have to pay for it! If there are good reasons to try this package please let me know.

A.Hassaneen September 7, 2000 07:35

Re: CFD Software Priced for Students
I'm not supporting ACRi people beause I don't know them. My question for you was to make things clear; once again is the PHOENIXCS sharware really free?? Please answer me. I'm not looking for special option or extended support just the free ($ 0) sharware. Thanks

Peter Spalding September 7, 2000 10:31

Re: CFD Software Priced for Students

PHOENICS Shareware is available in 5 variants (or levels). These can be downloaded from the web or, perhaps more conveniently, by ordering a CD and its associated documentaion via CHAM's cfdShop ( Consequently, there is a small charge. Once received, however, the software is freely copy-able.

The thing to do therefore is to get your university to buy 1 copy and then distribute the same to interested students. PHOENICS Shareware contains not only the PHOENICS [1.5] software itself, and an early version of a GUI, but also many technical papers, tutorials, library cases and so forth which should be of interest to students across the range of engineering and environmental applications. The latest release [3.3] is also made available to academic institutions at preferential rates.

Please do contact me at me email address: for further information - or please use the PHOENICS forum for further discussions.

Shareware CFD software from any source can only be good news for education and so I congratulate ANY supplier for providing this service.


Peter Spalding

Alain Grangeret September 7, 2000 12:16

Re: CFD Software Priced for Students
Sorry if my answer was too brutal for the last reply, but the people I know got it for free (0, $0, Ecu0).

Bert Laney September 8, 2000 16:49

Re: CFD Software Priced for Students
Could you please explain what the purpose of the "five levels" of PHEONICS shareware is? I find the whole concept strange, and the explanation of the levels at the web site seems confusing. My general conclusion, and perhaps I was very much mistaken, is that the free levels are primitive and almost useless, while the higher levels are useful but not free. I would be very interested in any sort of user feedback on the nature of and utility of the PHEONICS shareware. Is this really just a demo and marketing tool, or is it actually software one could use for real-world problems?

Bert Laney

A.Hassaneen September 9, 2000 08:33

Re: CFD Software Priced for Students
Good Question..needs a clear answer please from PHOENICS or CHAM people.

Bivan September 9, 2000 23:06

Re: CFD Software Priced for Students
Dear Sir: Could you tell me where can I download free PH0ENICS?

Joern Beilke September 11, 2000 01:10

Re: CFD Software Priced for Students
What kind of real world problem do you want to solve with a structured single block cfd code ?

Sergei Zhubrin September 11, 2000 06:30

Re: CFD Software Priced for Students

The most up-to-date information about PHOENICS shareware is in cfdShop area at the adress <A HREF=""></a>
From the links provided therein the tecnical specifications of shareware products can be further accessed.
The examples illustrating the shareware applications can be found at:
The academic and practical examples of Shareware applications are published regularly in PHOENICS Journal of CFD along with the settings to enable the readers to reproduce the author's results.

I hope the inspection of the aboves will clarify what PHOENICS Shareware can do.


Sergei Zhubrin

John C. Chien September 11, 2000 12:12

Re: CFD Software Priced for Students
(1). Thank you very much for the information. (2). It is really a nice place to visit, to visit various applications in level-1 through level-5. (3). It provide a clear picture of cfd applications. (4). I would strongly recommend the newcomers of cfd to visit these applications first, to get the overall view of cfd. (many vendors websites are including cfd application examples recently, It is a good idea to first visit these sample cases also)

clifford bradford September 11, 2000 19:06

Re: CFD Software Priced for Students
I've checked out this "Phoenics five level" bit (sounds like a pyramid scheme doesn't it?). well the code isn't very useful, at least not the free ones and if I'm not mistaken the code is pressure based, and while i know that much of the CFD world uses pressure based codes (SIMPLE, PISO etc) for everything, but I'm not a fan of these schemes. give me a time iterative (coupled) scheme anyday. plus this student version of Answer costs $50 so if you want a (relatively) full featured code for your students it looks pretty good. I' rather get them free from though ;-)

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