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dwisakti September 7, 2000 15:39

Grid's smoothness

Does anyone know what is the ratio of the length of grid with it's neighborhood to ensure better convergency. Is there an article or text which i can refer to ?

Thanks in advance


John C. Chien September 8, 2000 12:41

Re: Grid's smoothness
(1). Try to keep it around 1.2 (2). At 2.0 or above, you are likely to run into prolems without special treatment. (3). Keep it around 1.0 next to a wall.

dwisakti September 8, 2000 13:12

Re: Grid's smoothness
thanks John Any written article or reference that I can refer to ?


kakollu September 8, 2000 13:28

Re: Grid's smoothness
yes my teacher also told me to keep it at 1.2, it might be some kind of thumb rule.

my experience says the condition number of the matrix grows adversly with the ratio.

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