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Jason Robb October 15, 1998 17:46

Final Year Project

For my final year project i will be investigating wind loading on the corner of a wall. I am currently in the literature survey phase of my project and would be grateful for any information and/or past experiments relating to my project title. The CFD package i am using will most probably be phoenics, and one of the aims of the project is to produce a 3D model of the wind flow on the corner of the wall. Any suggestions on the best way to produce this 3D model would be most appreciated, as i have little experience using phoenics.

Thankyou for your time.


Abdul Hafid October 15, 1998 23:19

Re: Final Year Project
I think your visit to phoenics home page will help you. This is its address:-

Clifford Arnold October 19, 1998 14:13

Re: Final Year Project
For some inspiration on usefullness of understanding wind loading on walls, you might visit the history of the Tacoma Narrow Bridge debacle. This bridge, also known as galloping girdie was scheduled to have some large holes drilled in its long horizontal girders to help alleviate the wind loading on those "walls". It was hoped that this "experiment" would lessen the undulations of the bridge.

Well, the experiment was cancled that day due to high winds. And the rest, as they say, is history. Those high winds ended up insighting a vibration that amplified until the Tacoma Narrows was destroyed. I believe a web search on "Tacoma Narrows" will point you to some interesting reviews of the subject. The movies of the event are famous and spectatular. This occured in the 1950s.

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