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Jian Xia September 8, 2000 10:03

keep process running
Dear friends,

We are using SGI ORIGIN 2000 system. I tried to keep a process xj(a fortran excute file) running after I logged out. So I typed command: "nohup xj", then logged out. But the process xj stopped at the sametime I logged out. Could any one help me? Thanks.

Bart Prast September 8, 2000 10:12

Re: keep process running
do this: type xj then type CTRL-z (puts the process on hold) then type bg (puts the process in the background) then logout

make sure the program doesn't send any information to the screen as it will stop while trying to do so

Zhengtong Xie September 8, 2000 10:29

Re: keep process running

An easy way: xj>temp & ; that means put your screen message to temp, and run the code in the background. Then you could logout.

Good luck

Mark Olesen September 8, 2000 10:49

Re: keep process running
This likely a shell problem. I've experience the same with the SunOS 5.7 ksh, but have had no problems with our SGI's ksh.

"foocmd &" *should* work without difficulties on (t)csh since SIGHUP is caught by cshell.

"nohup foocmd&" or "nohup foocmd > /dev/null&" is required by ksh, since SIGHUP may not be properly (mostly never) caught by ksh

Thus nohup will ALWAYS work, sometimes. For a fully bulletproof backgrounded cmd use 'at' instead: "at -f foocmd.script" now

This also keeps your mailer busy and out of trouble.

cheers, ------------------------------------------------------ Dr. Mark Olesen ZEUNA STAERKER GmbH & Co. KG Biberbachstr. 9 tel: +49 / 821 / 4103-862 D-86154 Augsburg, GERMANY ------------------------------------------------------

kakollu September 8, 2000 13:18

Re: keep process running
nohup is the right the way to do it, may u should check the man pages for nohup. cox

Jian Xia September 8, 2000 20:50

Re: keep process running

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