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Pawel Kosinski September 11, 2000 04:55

Does anybody know of any good Internet site with some codes (in Fortran), which include k-eps modelling of turbulence? I would like just to look how others deal with the problems.


John C. Chien September 11, 2000 12:44

Re: k-eps
(1). I think you can keep looking, but I would say that even if you have the source code, you still need a lot of information about the method used. (2), If you look at the two-equation model in terms of the diffusion terms, convection terms, and source terms, then it is much easier to deal with the code if you understand how to turn these terms into algebraic representation through FD or FVM. (3). The second step is to understand the method used to solve the final algebraic equations. (4). It would be easier to understand, if you use 1-D model problem to go through all the necessary steps.

Anindya September 11, 2000 14:47

Re: k-eps
Look at the CFD Book by Peric. It has a nice k-e code, which you need to download from the book's website.

Hope it helps you.

clifford bradford September 11, 2000 18:22

Re: k-eps
try Culbert laney's site follow the software link. some of the code there are directly downloadable. try NSC2KE in the general purpose section (i think) it's in f77.

Pawel Kosinski September 12, 2000 10:15

Re: k-eps
Thank you everybody for your pieces of advice. They have been really useful for me.


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