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Cyrille Douillet September 12, 2000 22:57

k-omega turbulence model
Hi, I'm using an inhouse flow solver built using Overture for my master thesis at the university of Auckland. I'm running test cases on a flat plate using the k-omega turbulence model. I read that in the viscous sublayer, omega is proportional to 1/y^2 (where y is in the normal direction). What should the constant be?

I get omega=0.0024*1/y^2, does that sound right, and what is the theoreticla value for the constant?

Thanks for your help,


Antonio Pascau September 20, 2000 11:58

Re: k-omega turbulence model
Hi Cyrille, First of all, there is a good book on turbulence models in which the k-omega turbulence model is described in detail. The reference is Turbulence modeling for CFD by David Wilcox edited by DCW Industries at La caņada, California. Actually the writer was the proponent of the k-omega t.m. Secondly, if you are using the k-omega model described in this book the constant should be 2*nu/C_mu, nu being the kinematic viscosity and C_mu=0.09. With the value you gave for the constant the viscosity is 1e-4, more or less that of water, i.e., if your fluid is water is O.K., otherwise check your calculations again. Good luck. Antonio

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