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Xavier TRICOT September 15, 2000 07:01

boundary layer upon viscous wall

I want to modelize a gas flow around walls witch are viscous like fish skin per example.

So I'm looking for some informations about speed profiles in boundary layer, or turbulence treatment near this type of wall (near wall law, log law, ...).

Please can you help me by giving me informations, references or bibliography, or name of people to contact ?


jeyamani September 19, 2000 02:09

Re: boundary layer upon viscous wall

can you explain more in detail,if you consider fish like skin as wall,then it comes under topic of " Boundary layer thoery in complaint surfaces or walls".Complaint surface consists of springs & dampers,for example like Dolphin skin. i have gone through this topics in Hydrodynamic stability.if want any journels on this ,i will mail you after one or two days.

Xavier TRICOT September 20, 2000 04:40

Re: boundary layer upon viscous wall
Yes, that's it.

I would like to know :

1/ speed profiles in the boundary layer near a VISCOUS WALL

2/ if there is some wall functions for that, relative to k-epsilon turbulence treatment in boundary layer

I call "VISCOUS WALL" any wall where there is a viscous fluid on it. Per example : there is mucus on the wall inside people noze. How can I modelize boundary layer in this case ?

There is also a mucus on the skin of fishes.

You're right, walls like this also consist on an alternance of springs & dampers.

So any information upon the two subjects (mucus and springs & dampers) will be very helpfull for me.

Bye, Xavier

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