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jypark September 17, 2000 22:04

Baldwin-Lomax model at Rotating coordinate
Hi everybody

I want to apply the bladwin-Lomax model in the case with moving and stationary wall at the rotating coordinate.

I have some problems in calculating the vorticity, wall shear stress and wake velocity.

If anybody konw the method, please let me know.


John C. Chien September 18, 2000 01:06

Re: Baldwin-Lomax model at Rotating coordinate
(1). The book by David C. Wilcox, entitled "Turbulence Modeling for CFD" ,2nd edition, 1998, has a good chapter on algebraic models, which includes the Baldwin-Lomax model. Wilcox website can be found in the forum/resources section. (2). The ASME/ Journal of turbomachinery should have some published cfd papers using the Baldwin-Lomax model. It is a simple and widely used turbulence model. (with limitations, as usual)

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