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James September 22, 2000 21:12

source term for mesh generation
During generating the body-fitted mesh for a cirque,I donot know how to define the source term in the Possion equation in order to form a mesh that is density near the body,while sparse near the outer boundary,can you give me some clues,or references.

Thank you very much!


John C. Chien September 22, 2000 21:44

Re: source term for mesh generation
(1). You may want to take a look at the computer code and examples at the end of the book of Numerical Grid Generation, by Joe Thompson (inventor of the elliptic mesh generation). (2). The online book is free and can be downloaded easily (or just read it from the Internet). The website is listed in the forum/resources /grid generation section.

James September 24, 2000 09:09

Re: source term for mesh generation
John C.Chien, thank you for your guidance, I cannot get the online book you told me,because the net is always too slow, on the source term finding, I have several questions, 1. In John C.Tannehill¡¯s book¡±CFM and Heat Transfer,(SECOND EDITION)¡±,p691,I donot know what¡¯s meaning of this,¡±Middlecoff and Thomas(1979) proposed writing these equations (possion grids generation equations) along either constant ¦Î or ¦Ç surfaces corresponding to the boundaries of the domain¡±,why along on the boundaries? to evaluate the control functions,I Thank it isnot need to do so. 2. About the following two equations concerning the arc length and the grids control functions,I find if points taking a equal space on the inner boundary and outer boundary,the function ¦Õ is always equal to zero,if taking increasing space like dy,2dy,3dy¡*¡*on the secant boundaries,the function ¦× maybe ok,but this cannot work,how to deal with it? Thank you James

John C. Chien September 25, 2000 09:00

Re: source term for mesh generation
(1). You really have to try to get the book by Joe Thompson first. Or you can do some search on the book store for the more recent book by Thompson. (2). It is the only book you will need in the numerical grid generation field. And I have not touched this area for a long time. (3). Those who are currently working in this area, may want to make comments on the questions.

Nishikawa September 25, 2000 18:58

Re: source term for mesh generation
Here is a reference..

Steger and Sorenson: Automatic mesh-point clustering near a boundary in grid generation with elliptic partial differential equations, Journal of Computational Physics, 33, pp405-410, 1979.

Good luck!


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