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Hua Zhou September 26, 2000 10:02

Communications in Applied CFD
Hi, a new chinese(GB) electronic journal <communications in applied CFD> is born in this e-journal mainly presents papers on use of commercial CFD softwares and perhaps someday we can also see some papers on design of CFD softwares, if you care about CFD development in China, join us soon!

John C. Chien September 26, 2000 10:53

Can't read, not in English
(1). I can only see coded messages on the screen. So, it is not in English. (2). I would say this is "CFD development in Chinese".

Hua Zhou September 26, 2000 20:50

yes, that's a GB website
if you visit this website, you may need to change your CODE of your browser to GB2313, this website is mainly designed for Chinese CFDers, because we have already got a wonderful English site here on cfd-online.

Hua Zhou September 26, 2000 20:52

Chien, nice to see you again!

John C. Chien September 27, 2000 00:54

Welcome aboard
(1). Sorry, I don't know you. (2). I am curious about everything related to CFD. (3). It is my personal opinion that a website on CFD in Chinese can only delay the advancement of technology in China. (4). Even if the researchers in China understand very little English, it is still a good idea to interact directly with the researchers in cfd world wide in real time. (5). So, in technology, you may want to consider converting the Chinese website on cfd into English language. English is the most common language in technology today. Although this is just my opinion on cfd at the policy level, you are always welcome here if the subject is related to the cfd questions. (6). As I have said before, I don't keep a record of people on Internet, only your questions on cfd count. So, do you think now you owe the readers some answers on cfd questions? Welcome aboard!

John Law September 27, 2000 07:47

Re: Welcome aboard
I agree with John Chien that it's better to have an English sight. I visited the site before and wanted to make comments/contributions to the site and found it very hard to do so.

Hua Zhou September 28, 2000 01:03

Re: Welcome aboard
Hi, Chien, we argued about Free Softwares before, so i remember you. I agree with your opinions on cfd website, yes, cfd is a world wide business and it's better to discuss the related topics in world wide popular language english, but it will be more convenient to talk about something in everybody's native language. As the case of China, we feel it's more convenient to discuss something included cfd in chinese, so a chinese cfd website can be a good supplement to english website, right?

Hua Zhou September 28, 2000 01:14

Re: Welcome aboard
there is a cfd forum on the website, you may enter it directly with the address followed:

John C. Chien September 28, 2000 09:11

? announce Chinese website in cfd forum?
(1). This forum speaks English, not because it is native to all forum readers, including you. It is because English is a common language in technical field. (2). If you keep posting it here, I still can't read the coded messages of this Chinese website. But if you have an English version, some readers of this forum may be able to read the messages there. (3). I think, it was done on purpose in Chinese as you have just said. It is useless for me , if I can't read the webpage, and there is not much I can do. Sorry. (It's going to take many years for me to learn how to read your webpages, if I try hard enough. I think, it's a waste of time for me.)

clifford bradford October 2, 2000 19:36

Re: Welcome aboard
Well, a chinese webpage is better for the chinese than no webpage right? although i do agree with your point. I will say that in my experience in grad school that many international students including Chinese sufferred from a lack of depth of knowledge due to a lack of sufficient english skills. it was often bewildering to me that students could be taking classes in English for years and not improve their spoken english appreciably. It is probably due to hanging in nationalistic cliques where there would be no need to practice english or maybe it's the lack of anything but numbers in engineering classes.

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