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Reza Besharati September 27, 2000 00:21

Hi Dear forum coleagues I have a problem for finding papers online from elsevier science-journal of "computers and structures",it is a fact that this company has publications before 1995 on-line without any charges. I am diging for papers by K.S. Surana,on the subject of p-version least square finite element in fluid dynamics, and I will be very thankful if anyone can tell me how I can find some journals online, of course for free. I also visited the arxive,genomics... Best wishes for all of you Reza

John C. Chien September 29, 2000 00:14

Re: sources-for-journals-online?
(1). My approach is to get the help from the company's librarian. After a month of so, the free copy will always arrive. (2). My second approach is, find a university in the city, go over there and do my own search and reading. I can buy a coping machine card or bring in a lot of coins to do my own copying. (3). At least, in this way, I am not limited by the facility and I can always find the paper I want. (4). Why not e-mail to the publisher or library, or even a book store to find out the locations of the paper. Not every library has all of the journals, but they can easily track down the paper and make a copy. (5). My personal suggestion is: get some help from the professional librarian.

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