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Meng-Sing Liou September 28, 2000 11:19

user/citation of AUSM schemes
Hi All,

I'm compiling a "boast sheet" for application of promotion to a higher level. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could let me know the work that uses the AUSM schemes, including the name of the code (commercial or major research) if appropriate. Also the textbook containing the AUSM schemes? I did a search on the Scientific Citation. But I know I have missed many. So I'm asking your help which will certainly help to win my application.


Meng Liou

John C. Chien September 28, 2000 11:37

Re: user/citation of AUSM schemes
(1). It takes time for a good numerical scheme to be incorporated in a code, especially a commercial code. (2). The codes I have used were mainly pressure-based codes, and Jameson Runge-kutta density based codes. (3). I think, from the application side, we are more concerned about the real world solutions, and therefore, slow in using (or updating) the method to a more accurate one. (4). I must say that I haven't had a time to study the AUSM scheme, although I have seen it reported since early 90's. (5). If you would create a simple code to solve a test case problem and free for download, our readers would be happy to give it a try. So, a simple source code would greatly promote the usage of this accurate scheme, I hope. It's just a suggestion. (what I am saying is, you need to introduce the method to the readers first, then give them some free sample to try out. After that, it makes sense to do the survey. )

clifford bradford October 2, 2000 19:20

Re: user/citation of AUSM schemes
Culbert Laney's book computational gasdynamics should have something on the AUSM scheme. As of now I have not seen any commercial codes with the AUSM scheme. Dr laney also has an excellent website with a list of free/shareware codes some of which may have the AUSM scheme implemented. go to http://capella/ BTW is the AUSM scheme very awesome?

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