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MK September 29, 2000 04:23

What CFD Code For Hydraulic Valves
Dear All,

I am looking for your thoughts on the commercial codes available for analysis of hydraulic valves.

I have experience in CFD and would approach the problem in an incompressible, steady state, viscous way. Due to the high pressures in the valves I would be interested in the forces at play and designing to reduce if these were a problem.

Any thoughts, ideas, experience, problems you have come across in this area would be greatly appreciated.


John C. Chien September 29, 2000 10:37

Re: What CFD Code For Hydraulic Valves
(1). The pressure is no problem and it is ideal to do the cfd simulation. In th real world situation, you will have to consider the structure problem and the high pressure source, in order to do the testing. (2). The flow through valve will involve flow turning and flow separation. But I think, most 3-D commercial codes can handle this with the pressure-based approach. So, just pick anyone you like. (if money is no problem to you, I would check out at least two of them. In the work place, we have more than two on the system. And this will increase your confidence level about the computed results. There is no rule that one can use only one cfd code to do the analysis. We picked three back in early 80's to solve a rocket motor problem) (3). The only difficult problem is the cavitation problem. But for now, I think, you are not anywhere close to that point yet. (4). Try to visit the website of the forum sponsor, you should be able to find one you like. (the hardware system you have, the license fee you have to pay, etc...etc...)

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