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Marco Evangelos Biancolini September 29, 2000 09:54

gas expansion in pipe crack propagation
I'm involved in gas dynamic of fracturing pipelines. Literature contributions devoted to such matter, handle the fluid in a simplified manner, assuming valid 1-d solution in the pipe computed for steady state crack propagation. I have a little experience in 1-d gas dynamic simulations (I worked for my thesis on engine intake and exhaust simulation ) and I think that this situation can be easy handled assuming a fixed open boundary and an initial fluid speed for constant speed but the extension to variable speed is not straightforward. For this reason I'm developing a simulation tool able to predict the gas expansion in the pipe when the crack propagates with variable speed. The main idea is to handle the open boundary as an increasing section pipe travelling at variable speed. Introducing pertinent modifications in 1-d Euler equations for gas dynamics is quite simple to handle a generic imposed section evolution A(x,t). I'm looking for literature about: - gas dynamic for fracturing pipes - 1-d solutions including section evolution A(x,t)

Suggestions are welcome.

John C. Chien September 29, 2000 10:59

Re: gas expansion in pipe crack propagation
(1). I don't know anything about the pipeline and the fractured pipeline. (2). But there is one area where similar problem has received extensive research effort. That is the loss of fluid problem in a nuclear power plant due to pipe fracture in an accident. (it is probbly more complex there because of the multi-phase flow problem.)

Marco Evangelos Biancolini October 4, 2000 10:41

Re: gas expansion in pipe crack propagation
OK. I'd like to have bibliography references about this problem. Can you help me?


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