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Francisco Saldarriaga September 29, 2000 10:27

pressure drop
Fluid world: What is a practical way of increasing pressure drop to avoid-reduce pulsations in the rate of fuel or air supply, or both in a combustion process? The objective is to have a meanful pressure drop through the supply system so the downstream pressure have little or no influence on the flow rate.

John C. Chien September 29, 2000 11:10

Re: pressure drop
(1). If you have an old car, the oil pressure (difference) will be low due to larger gap through the bearing system. (2). In this case, you can replace the bearing, and/or the oil pump to reduce the gap thickness. (3). Or you can use thicker oil or oil additive to increase the viscosity of the oil. (4). Using the same principle, you can: reduce the diameter of the pipe at the downstream side, before entering into another device (injector or something which you didn't say). (5). Or you can change the property of the fluid (fuel) by increasing the viscosity level.

Evan September 29, 2000 12:13

Re: pressure drop
Why don't you just install some throttle valves upstream of your combustion chamber? You would be able to adjust the pressure drop and, if far enough upstream, without increasing turbulence in the chamber.

sameer mohrir September 29, 2000 23:23

Re: pressure drop
Hello Francosco Saldarriaga

You can use Pressure Reducing valves to reduce pressure of any fluid.


Chung Kuo September 29, 2000 23:31

Re: pressure drop
It is interesting you mention this pressure drop to overcome the pulsation due to discharge at downstream. Usually, as I konw, extra volume of damper or resovior is added to smooth the pressure wave. Restriction has the damping effect, but the pulse is the way for the discharge to continue. The pulse should be compensated, but not be restricted. or, I missed your point.

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