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Mark October 3, 2000 20:49

irrotational, incompressible flow
Here is the question: The height of the fluid in an upright circular cylinder of radius, r0, is maintained at a constant value, H. The fluid spills from the bottom of the cylinder through a cylindrical slit of height, h0, and radius, r, from the axis of the cylinder. Obtain an expression relating h/h0, r/r0 and the constant h0/H.

-The height H is the overall hieght from the surface to the top of the fluid. -The h0 is the height between the surface and the bottom of the cylinder. -The r0 is the radius of the cylinder -The h is the height of the fluid at a distance r from tne center of the cylinder.

Assumptions: -The flow is driven by gravity -The flow is irrotational and steady -All fluid particles priginated at the top of the column of water which is at atmosperic pressure and the fluid speed at this level is negligible compared with the fluid speed near the supporting plane -The radial velocity in the spreading fluid varies only with r.

Please inform how to solve for objectives.

Thanks in advance

ZEBDI October 4, 2000 15:18

Re: irrotational, incompressible flow
je veut une documentation sur : l'écoulement d'un fluide incompressible dans regime laminaire permanant autour d'un cylindre fixe ou en rotation. - Calcul des isovitesses - Calcul des isothermes - Calcul de coifficient de frottement - Calcul de coifficient de transfert de chaleur.

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