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Bivan October 4, 2000 06:10

Cp of Argon
Anyone can tell me : 1.How much is enthalpy of Argon and Nitrogen at 1000K? 2.And how to calculate enthalpy of Ar and N2 at 20000K(Cp has been known) ?

Jin Wook LEE October 5, 2000 05:30

Re: Cp of Argon
Enthalpy is defined as :

delta h = Int (from Tref to T) Cp dT. So, it is very easy for you to calculate the enthalpy of Ar and N2 because you already know Cp.

Sincerely, Jinwook

Aquaman October 5, 2000 17:08

Re: Cp of Argon
Jin LEE was right, but note also that in order to answer your question you need to know at what pressure your system is. So again....

Cp = dh/dT (For a constant pressure!!!!)

Have Fun... :)

Bivan October 6, 2000 04:25

Re: Cp of Argon
How much is enthalpy of Argon and Nitrogen at 1000K?

Phil October 6, 2000 10:13

Re: Cp of Argon
Once I saw a book with all important properties of argon, which I think must also exist for Nitrogen. I think it is from the IUPAC. Unfortunately I don't know more but I am quiet sure that it was published by IUPAC so perhaps it will be helpful to look under

Good luck


Aquaman October 6, 2000 12:37

Re: Cp of Argon
I found this link. I didn't go very much further than this but if you follow the information here it should lead you to a program which will calculate everything for you... Lucky!

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