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Junseok Kim October 4, 2000 18:15

about swirl and vorticity
I wonder what is the difference between swirl and vorticity?

Vidyadhar Mudkavi October 30, 2000 06:20

Re: about swirl and vorticity
dear junseok kim,

vorticity is precisely defined to be the curl of the velocity vector. it represents the presence or absence of rotation in a flow field.

swirl is typically the azimuthal velocity in vortex filament like flow. usually if the swirl is present in a vortex filament (like a tornado), then the vorticity is also present. otherwise thay have no mathematical connection.

-vidyadhar mudkavi 30 october 2000

Junseok Kim November 1, 2000 18:46

Re: about swirl and vorticity
thanks a lot~

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