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JD October 6, 2000 11:57

Strang Splitting
Hi. I am trying to locate a good reference for strang splitting in 3-d. I have his original paper and references for 2-d but unfortunately not for 3-d...

Actually while on the topic are there any better splitting techniques than this?

Thanks in advance. J.D.

JD October 6, 2000 12:06

Re: Strang Splitting
Oops.... One more important thing. The application is strictly for the Advection Equation.. incompressible, no source terms...[ yet :) ]

Salvador Navarro-Martinez October 10, 2000 07:59

Re: Strang Splitting
See this paper:

J.S. Shang. A Fractional Step method for Solving 3D,Time-Domain Maxwell equations. Journal of Computational Physics,118:109-119(1995)

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