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Marat Hoshim October 9, 2000 11:34

Validation of flow around rotating cylinder
Hi all,

for validation reasons I'm looking for some experimantal values of cd and cl of a flow around a rotating cylinder.

If someone knows a refenrence for that, I would be glad if he/she would let me know.



frederic felten October 10, 2000 13:09

Re: Validation of flow around rotating cylinder
Hi there,

Check the following publication,

"Turbulent flow around a rotating cylinder in a quiescent fluid". Dierich, M.; Gersten, K.; Schlottmann, F. Experiments in Fluids v 25 n 5/6 Oct 1998, p 455-460.

Abstract: Hot-wire measurements have been carried out in the turbulent flow around a rotating circular cylinder in still air for Reynolds numbers Re = varies directly as Uw|D/ν = 1.5104 to 105. The experimental results confirm the analysis derived by asymptotic theory for high Reynolds numbers. Two different ways of deriving the friction law from the experiments (via shear stress and via velocity distribution) resulted practically in the same law. It is shown, that in spite of the curvature of the streamlines the universal logarithmic velocity distribution is still valid near the wall.

I hope this will help. Sincerely,

frederic felten

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