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James October 10, 2000 00:13

the residual

When I program a code to form the body-fitted mesh by sovling the system of possion's equations with Thompson source term,I solve the equations with full multigrid(FMG) and FAS,I find the residuals on each big V-CYCLE level are bigger and too much depend on the size of the physics plane,if increasing the number of the iterations,the residuals decrease too slow ,even not decrease at all finally,WHY?anybody can tell me how to deal with it? thank you in advance

James October 11, 2000 06:33

Re: the residual again
additional,the mesh plotted looks OK.


Toyoki Matsuzawa October 13, 2000 05:59

Re: the residual

How about monitering update(say, delta x/y/z) on each MG-cycle. Compare delta x with the residual on each cycle.

This may tell you something.

good luck!!

T. Matsuzawa

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