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Paul Safier October 12, 2000 13:27

Need to Solve Elliptic Problem

Can anyone help lead me to a fortran program to solve an elliptic PDE on a non-uniform grid? The geometry is a 2D rectangle. I just need something simple to use that doesn't have to be super fast. Please respond to this post or to me directly:

Thank you


Mohammad Tabesh October 17, 2000 14:31

Re: Need to Solve Elliptic Problem
Dear Friend

Hi. SOR and ADI schemes are simple and robust methods. You can find them in any CFD textbook.

Good Luck

Mohammad Tabesh

Sergei Zhubrin October 18, 2000 06:24

Re: Need to Solve Elliptic Problem
If you need an open source Fortran program look at CORA available as a Special Purpose program of PHOENICS family.

If the CORA is over-complicated (chemistry, radiation etc), I recall that there should be more simpler (1D/ 2D/3D, steady/unsteady) open- source codes for the solution of elliptic conservation equations created in the mid-nineties at CHAM for educational purposes which have not yet found their ways to cfdSHOP. If I am not mistaken, they all have been circulating around under the USSR (User Source Software Routines) name. Ask CHAM whether they are still alive.


Sergei Zhubrin

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