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Zdravko Stojanovic October 14, 2000 12:01

Gas-particle flow turbulence modulation
Dear Sirs,

I would be thankful for your suggestions on the following problem.

I would like to analyze turbulence phenomena in gas and particles flow in a closed channel. What I need is a 2-D code that I could use as a basis for the analysis of this phenomenon. The resulting code should be used for the analysis of my experimental data.

I am already using a 1-D code with k-epsilon and Reynolds stresses models, but this code is used only for some rough validation. I am not so sure that RANS could be the final approach for the problem at all.

Of course, the code should have some sort of documentation and test examples, so that I could understand in a reasonable period of time.

I would be glad to supply additional information if my question is not clear enough.


Sergei Zhubrin October 16, 2000 05:11

Re: Gas-particle flow turbulence modulation
You might like to have look at level 2 or higher of PHOENICS Shareware. I believe its powerful 2 phase solver is what you are looking for. The software is available via cfdSHOP along with the relevant documentation.

The inspection of Applications, Input Libraries and PHOENICS Journals of CFD will help to locate the examples (or, may be, exactly your problem) to start with.


Sergei Zhubrin

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