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Noel Rycroft October 17, 2000 07:02

Does anyone know the best post-processing tool for CFD applications. I'm looking for one which can provide some basic visualisation of parameters on unstructured meshes but also I want some more advanced facilities...

1. Ability to write user modules.

2. Some sort of animation features.

3. Visualisation of distributed datasets.

4. One which will not only visualise consistent meshes but also corrupted meshes. (ie. show mistakes in the mesh connetivity)

If anyone is very happy with their post-processing package and thinks it may do all or some of the above and would like to plug the package then I would be grateful if you could drop me a quick note...

Many thanks....


Jeff Hank October 17, 2000 10:51

Re: Visualisation
Hi Noel,

I've had a lot of luck using EnSight from CEI <> for visualizing unstructured CFD data. It does an especially nice job animating transient simulations.

Addressing your points:

(1) By modules I'm assuming you mean being able to write interface routines in order to read different data formats into the post-processor. EnSight has that capability - I wrote an interface for the Cobalt CFD solver.

(2) Plenty of animation features: keyframing, export to MPEG, AVI, etc

(3) Distributed datasets? I'm afraid I don't know what you mean.

(4) Corrupted meshes are probably best diagnosed by your meshing package, but EnSight can certainly read in a mesh with mangled connectivity - I experienced that quite often while I was writing the Cobalt interface. :)


Jie October 19, 2000 11:54

Re: Visualisation
Dear Noel,

I have been using the AVS-express,which has the similar functions. The CFX visualization functions originally come from it.

But it needs some time to learn.

Do you ever experience on AVS-express? what is the differences between them?

Would you kindly provide some web address where I can find the movie compiled by Ensight ? From my page you can watch some movie compiled by AVS-express.



oliver October 22, 2000 06:42

Re: Visualisation
Try FieldView From

Highly Recommended

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