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Jas October 17, 2000 10:44

FLUID/Structure Interaction

Does anyone have any examples of successful computations in fluid/structure interactions and the current state of research.

Any comments appreciated


Alton J. Reich October 17, 2000 16:51

Re: FLUID/Structure Interaction

There are some examples of past projects on our web site at <>.

There may be some more recent projects that haven't made the web site yet.

Also, feel free to contact me with more specific questions. FSI is one of the areas in which I work, and I've got a couple of FSI projects going at the moment. We tackle a lot of varied projects here, but things with moving parts are the ones I like best.

Regards, Alton

Thomas Fuhrich October 24, 2000 16:57

Re: FLUID/Structure Interaction

I have given a few links concerning the VOF method two contributions above. Many of them are FSI-examples. Some of the movie-links don't work, but I can tell you how you can obtain them. Anyway, it is an iteresting scheme, developed by some Japaneese Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology ( for about 20 years ). Hope this helps.


Jas October 25, 2000 03:41

Re: FLUID/Structure Interaction
Thanks for the contributions,

Thomas, could you list the links that you mention.

Best regards


Thomas Fuhrich October 25, 2000 04:08

Re: FLUID/Structure Interaction

Hi Jas,

this is where I found the files. It is only a (messy) directory listing. If you download all 97 llogxx.gif pictures and make an avi or mpeg, you will get a quite impressive movie. If you send me your email address, I can send you an avi of it.


PS: There are just a few papers about some of the simulations, mostly in Computer Physics Communications. Just to give you a starting point: F. Xiao, T. Yabe, T. Ito, M. Tajima, "An algorithm for simulating solid objects uspended in stratified flow", Computer Physics Communications 102 (1997) 147-160

Stanislas November 21, 2000 05:46

Validated test cases for F/S

I'd like to point out that at, the CFD group led by K. Badcock and Prof. Richards is very active in this area. Indeed they have developped an efficient, in terms of accuracy, and astonishingly simple F/S interaction algorithm. the main test case they made was on the flutter boundary of the standard test case of the 445.6 wing. From the last news from them, they are actually examining critically interpolation methods in order to quantify the accuracy one can expect from them. Their work is very rigorous as you'll see through their publications.

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