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Shu-Yi October 17, 2000 22:41

help: VOF for multi-fluid flow

I am interested in applying VOF to a multi-fluid (more than 3 different fluids) flow problem. So far, I have only seen VOF applied to two-phase (or two-fluid) problems. Can anyone shed some light on how to apply VOF to multi-fluid problems? Any literature exists? Thanks!


Jim Park October 18, 2000 09:18

Re: help: VOF for multi-fluid flow
Try If your problem can't be done by Flow3d, they'll know where to get it done.

That's the web site for Flow Science, Inc. Flow Science was founded by C. W. Hirt, who invented the VOF technique. Flow Science is also a sponsor of cfd-online.

Good luck!

Shu-Yi (Alter Ego) October 18, 2000 14:32

Re: help: VOF for multi-fluid flow
I think VOF has enough problems trying to deal with two fluids.

In order to obtain the NS equations in a one field formulation you will have to create an indicator function for three fluids. After this, things should fall into place.

I remember seeing one paper on applying 3 fluids but i'm not too sure if it was using VOF or not. Ill keep a look out.

Sorry I haven't been much help. Happy VOFing.

Thomas Fuhrich October 20, 2000 03:56

Re: help: VOF for multi-fluid flow

maybe you will find the following interesting:

Tokyo Institute of Technology:

Comercial version:

- Thomas

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