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Helen Griffin October 18, 2000 07:03

market share
Does anybody know the % market share for the following CFD vendors:

* Computational Dynamics * Phoenics * Fluent * CFX * Others

All input gladly received!

John C. Chien October 22, 2000 16:23

Re: market share
(1). Before I can answer your market share question, I had to answer the question of "what is CFD" from a project manager who are working for a company with combined history of over two hundred years. (2). When I ask an engineer who is running a commercial cfd code-F about the mesh independent solution, his answer is "Is it going to affect the result much?". He also works for the same company I mentioned above. I heard that, since they design the machine based on the codes, they are having problems in compressors, combustors, turbines, etc.. (3). I must say that, CFD is not yet for the real things (unless you are the expert in your field who can turn the useless results into the right answer.) and if you think you can design somethings using only cfd codes (inviscid or viscous)without testing, then you are heading for real troubles. (4). cfd, as educational tools, is highly recommended. "market share"? What is your definition? "number of students trained?" or "number of design failed?"

Bart Prast October 23, 2000 08:33

Re: market share
As for licenses: Fluent is biggest, then Computational dynamics and then CFX (they all have between 20%-40%)

John C. Chien October 23, 2000 09:24

Re: market share
(1). There are probably more people using PHOENICS codes world wide.

Noel Harrison October 26, 2000 06:41

Re: market share
Don't think so on the Pheonix front. Why would this be so, because it's free. How many people actually use CFD outside of academic or the work environment. Academics generally use their own code if they're any good and nobody would use a free copy of software in a professional environment because they would get laughed out of any review? The last time I enquired Fluent had the largest CFD vendor market share by a long way and the others made up the difference. However Ansys, which have a larger bums on seats FEA distribution also provide CFD software, so if you look at purely CFD capability via bums on seats with access to CFD then its ANSYS!

Jas October 30, 2000 05:14

Re: market share

You mention that Phoenix is free, I looked at there web site and downloaded level 1. The site said that level 1 is provided 'free of charge'. However, Phoenix now ask me for some money in order for them to send me a licence. I am confused, can you provide it for free?


John C. Chien October 30, 2000 09:58

Re: market share
(1). There is really no such thing as "free" stuff, or free lunch. (2). When You download something from the Internet, the phone line, the Internet site, the information, etc. all cost money to work properly. (3). Normally, "free" applies to the regular cost of the product, the handling charge or registration fee are not included. (even if LINUX is free, all of the LINUX sold in a computer book store are NOT FREE.) (4). By the way, I would not present the cfd results obtained from a commercial code for review or publication, because based on my experience and applications, these results are neither accurate nor reliable. (a code can be useful, if you are highly experienced in your field and know how to use the result even if it is wrong. Wrong result is not useless.)

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