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Hao Yu October 18, 2000 09:40

Flow passing a porous plate.
Hi, there:

I'd like to ask whether there is any empirical equation to estimate the pressure drop for a flow passing through a porous plate.

There are arrays of holes in the flat plate. The size of those holes, the distance between them, as well as the size and thickness of the plate are known. The flow direction is nearly normal to the plate and the porous plate is the only outlet of a pipe.

Thank you for your attention!

With regards, Hao

Evan October 18, 2000 12:19

Re: Flow passing a porous plate.
Find yourself a copy of the "Handbook of Hydraulic Resistance," by a Russian author named Idelchik or Idelchek (I'm not sure of the spelling). You will find what you seek there.


wassi October 19, 2000 01:52

Re: Flow passing a porous plate.
Idelchik, I.E. 1993. Handbook of Hydraulic Resistance Coefficients of Local Resistance and of Friction

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