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john October 19, 2000 06:12

basic vortex shedding
Anybody can recommend some good introductory books about vortex shedding, or turbulance? Because I got a project which is about vortex shadding. The first step is to determine the manner in which vortex shedding occurs. I am beginner for vortex shedding. Thanks a lot

Srinivasulu October 22, 2000 01:31

Re: basic vortex shedding

I am also working on vortex shedding.Vortex shedding is a phenomenon causes when there is a flow behind a bluff bodies like square cylinder or circular cylinder. There will be alternative shedding behind the body when the flow becomes transitional over the body. If the alternative shedding frequency and body(structure) natural frequency coincides, then, there will be resonance which causes to collapse of structure. Regarding Turbulence books, I will reply you in next mail. Because, I don't remember the authors properly now.

Chattopadhyay October 24, 2000 01:16

Re: basic vortex shedding
Dear Srinivasulu

As an interested party, I too expecting you to mention literatures.

john November 6, 2000 12:23

Re: basic vortex shedding
can you recommendation a book about vertex shedding? thank you for your help.

john November 6, 2000 14:23

vortex shedding
Dear all: how to test vortex shedding on wind tunnel? Thanks so much.

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