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Apurva Shukla October 20, 2000 07:34

Reynold No. for Airfoil

Although the question is too elementary, i want to know what is the parameter(eg. chords, thickness or something else ) taken for calculation of Reynolds no. in case of Airfoils.



clifford bradford October 20, 2000 08:14

Re: Reynold No. for Airfoil
the reference length is the chord

John C. Chien October 20, 2000 11:47

Re: Reynold No. for Airfoil
(1). You are free to define a Reynolds number based on any characteristic length. (2).For example, a Reynolds number based on the boundary layer momentum thickness on the airfoil. Or a Reynolds number based on the stream-wise distance of the boundary layer. In this case, it is a function of the distance measured from the stagnation point along the airfoil surface. (3). Characteristic length means that it is used for a specific purpose of analysis of the flow.

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