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Dinesh Godavarty October 23, 2000 16:07

Advancing Front Techniques
Hello, Could anyone suggest where can I download a paper on advancing front techniques for unstructured grid generation. I am a beginner in unstructured grid. gen. and it'll be really helpful if the paper starts from the basics. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

kalyan October 24, 2000 12:06

Re: Advancing Front Techniques
The level set methods and volume of fluid (VOF) methods are the commonly used methods of front tracking. The more accurate of the VOF methods have generally been demonstrated on structured methods (see papers by Puckett, Rider etc. in Journal of Comp. Phys.). I presume that it is going to be take a lot of effort to extend these methods to handle unstructured meshes.

The level set methods should be relatively more simple. You can find all most everything you want to know about these methods in a book by Sethian on the subject. Though these methods are versatile, some people (especially those dealing with fluid dynamic phase changes) still prefer VOF methods. So you may have to look at the literature to find out what methods people have used for the kind of problems you are interested in and why.

None October 25, 2000 03:45

Keep Life Simple!!!!
I am a person working with VOF and I have seen that most of the advancements (to vof) are restricted to othrogonal structured grids. I have only seen few publications on unstructured methods.

-------- A Parallel Volume Tracking Algorithm for Unstructured Meshes. Mosso et al. (LANL) --------

But before one dives into either the typical vof or levelset read:

Ubbink (1999) A Method for Capturing Sharp Interfaces on Artbitrary Meshes. JCP. 153 . pp 26-50.

This is a high resolution method (needs no explicit interface tracking), shows comparable accuracy and is EASILY extendable to unstructured meshes. (Paper also discusses unstructured meshes).

To be honest with advancements on High resolution methods I believe that soon the vof and levelset methods will be put to sleep. Of course I figure this out after I have built up a vof code!!! ARGGG!!!!

Srinivasan Arunajatesan October 25, 2000 10:05

Re: Keep Life Simple!!!!
Check out papers by Shahyar Pirzadeh :

AIAA-91-3233-CP AIAA-96-0031 AIAA J. Vol. 34 No. 1 43-49 1996

The other two guys, Kalyan and None, have gone off on a tangent here, they are tracking about front tracking methods for stuff like multi-fluid mixtures/combustion etc. THe question had to do with UNSTRUCTURED GRID GENERATION!!!

later Srinivasan

Chidu October 25, 2000 16:38

Re: Keep Life Simple!!!!
hi aj,

good point! it is easy to wrong will all this jargon! howz life in dublin???

chidu... PS: just an attempt to get higher in the TOP 100 :)

K.S.Ravichandran October 27, 2000 00:43

Re: Advancing Front Techniques
Good that Srini and Chidu took time off to put this chain on track. Some of us in CFD should still learn to answer questions that are asked and keep answers to others that are not asked.


K.S.Ravichandran (Alter Ego) October 27, 2000 10:32

re: Much Ado about AFT
I think kalyan and None learnt something here. I think the rest learnt that they need to be more specific when they ask questions because it is easy to confuse the issue. We also learnt something about Advancing front techniques (Vof and Level Set) also.

But I believe it was wrong for say:


Some of us in CFD should still learn to answer questions that are asked and keep answers to others that are not asked.


I learn something in every post I read and I hope that these people will try to answer more even if the answers are abit of track.


K.S.Ravichandran October 30, 2000 00:27

Re: re: Much Ado about AFT
Ravi (my alter ego)

Thanx, though I still do not agree with you. I think it is good to have an alter ego to represent the other shades of opinion.


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