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Henrik Tryggeson October 26, 2000 09:45

Hello all!

Could anyone give me an advice of which code that is the best for aerosol-simulations. It may be an advantage if one could write own subrutines (or post-processor) for the program.

Sergei Zhubrin October 27, 2000 07:52

Re: Aerosols
Have a look at the applications of PHOENICS which is widely used to model two-and multi-phase flows in engineering equipment and environmental studies.
Even its Shareware variant available via cfdSHOP is capable of handling wide range of aerosol-simulation supported by library examples and reported in the papers of PHOENICS Journal of CFD. The papers contain all users setting to enable the readers to re-produce the author's results.
Look, for example, at "An Analysis of Heavy Aerosols Dispersion"
You can also test-drive PHOENICS on-line via Remote Computing Service.


Sergei Zhubrin

Bart Prast November 10, 2000 09:24

Re: Aerosols
Depends on what you want to calculate: phase transition, 1 or 2 way coupling, laminair/turbulent flow. On an unstructured or structured grid. many CFD packages at least claim they can do it (STAR CD, CFX 4, Fluent, Phoenics) take your pick. I wrote my own program (2D Euler with condensation)

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