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Astrid Barros October 30, 2000 07:53

PRE and POST processing package
Hello! I have been working in developing my own FEM software for CFD (my PHD). Now my University is looking for a software for sale that can do the grid generation and post processing visualization. The price should be about U$ 600,00. Does anybody recommend a good soft for that price (or close to it)? It should be used in a PC with Win98. And the output data should be in a format that could easily be converted to the processor input.

Thank you for any suggestions,

Astrid Barros COPPE - UFRJ Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

John C. Chien October 30, 2000 14:02

Re: PRE and POST processing package
(1). My impression is that they (vendors) always have special low price for educational versions. (2). Why not get the information directly from the vendors?

Sebastien Perron October 30, 2000 16:09

Re: PRE and POST processing package
If you can use unix (or linux) instead of win98 this is a free solution:

for grid generation: I use the modulef package to generate both structured and unstructured grids in 2D and 3D. It works well.

for postprocessing: I have used this software On the following OS: - Linux (x86) - Solaris (sun sparcstation) - FreeBSD (x86) - Irix6.? (SGI O2)

and it worked very well. Sorry but I never got any results on windowsNT.

Thomas Wolfanger November 2, 2000 12:20

Re: PRE and POST processing package

for visualization, there are 2 tools Im currently using which are at no cost: vtk, which is a library of vizualisation routines and openDX, which is a full-featured scientific visualization system.

vtk can be programmed in several high-level languages, for example C++, tcl/tk, python and java. It supports unstructured grids with all kinds of elements.

openDX uses a GUI to build so-called vizualization networks, which consist of modules with different tasks (for example data reading, processing, rendering...). DX supports only a limited number of cell types, but this can be solved by decomposing not supported cell types.

For more info, see their webpages ( and

Hope this helps,


David November 3, 2000 18:07

Re: PRE and POST processing package

We offer a discounted University version of ICEM CFD pre and post processor for around 800 GBP which is close to your budget. Visit for your local office if you are interested.

Hope this helps


Rajeev Jaiman November 16, 2000 03:08

Re: PRE and POST processing package

I am a CFD Engineer from Analytical and Computational Research, Inc. which specilized in the CFD related softwares and consultancy. We have a complete CFD solutions sofware called Answer-Express which includes CFD solver, Visualizer and Grid Generator. Its support all MS Windows OS versions and price will be quite reasonable and will be very less what you have mentioned.

For more details, Plz have a contact with these people:

1. Akshai runchal


1931 Stradella Road, Bel Air, CA90077

Tel: 1-310-471-3023; Fax: 1-310-471-0797;

2. Dr. Madhukar M. Rao

Analytical and Computational Research, Inc.

10901 Reed Hartman Hwy, Suite 223, Cincinnati, OH45242, USA

Tel : (513) 784 0888

Email :

Our Website:

Hope it might help you.




John Chawner November 16, 2000 11:31

Re: PRE and POST processing package
Please consider Gridgen. For more information see

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